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My Design Philosophy

I believe that there are not only wants to be satisfied in a living space, but needs that go unfulfilled, and oftentimes, even undetected. Most people cannot tell you what, specifically, about a space or design that makes them feel good, they just know when they're in it.  My job as a designer is to help you uncover the elements of design that can help you truly be at home in your living space.

During our consultation, we will cover the basics regarding the use of the space and discuss a possible layout to achieve your goals for the room, but this is only scratching the surface.  We will then walk through a series of questions, complete with visual aids, to gain a solid understanding of your design needs on a psychological level.   From this, we can better address the lighting, flooring, window treatments, color scheme, and even the textures in the room that will make you feel your most comfortable.  We have some work to do, so let's get started!  

Laura Thompson Interiors
  Destin, FL
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